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 Bon Bini !
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Safety rules

Stadscafé Het Consulaat has provisionally canceled all activities in connection with the amended Covid rules on Bonaire.
Despite all security measures, we are still able to provide a pleasant evening for you !!! 
Please make a reservation, to keep up with 1,5M rule we can only seat 45 guests.
When you come in, please sanitize your hands.
Don't hug and jump over each-other.
Make sure you drink enough, hydration is very important these days.
Our team has tools to create a straw-access in your face-mask, which is not required, but if you like to wear one, feel free.
We also do a online registration with a QR code, so we can always contact you.
Please stay safe and healthy, look out for each other and don't let the virus make you forget what an amazing island Bonaire is.
Enjoy the beauty, the good food and the lovely prepared drinks.
Support our local heroes !
We welcome & serve you with a smile ...
  Team Stadscafé Het Consulaat