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 Bon Bini !

Safety rules

Fortunately the world is getting better....

Especially on Dushi Boneiru with her Bon Air !
That is why we have reintroduced the old pattern at
Stadscafé Het Consulaat.
Our Stadscafé indoor bar is now open, wonderfully cooled with three air conditioners.
Enjoy a delicious lunch in our air-conditioned areas.
We will also be organizing fun activities again, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Insta. 

If you would like to come and enjoy our fantastic cuisine with us, make sure you book in time.
Please note ..!..
If you are late, let us know !
In case of a delay of 20 minutes, we will pass on the table to guests who are in line ......

We welcome & serve you with a smile ...

  Team Stadscafé Het Consulaat